Pakistan reporter Taha Siddiqui flees armed abductors


A prominent Pakistani journalist has escaped an attempt to abduct him by armed men in the capital Islamabad.

Taha Siddiqui says 10-12 unidentified men beat him and threatened to kill him as he took a cab to the airport. He jumped out of the vehicle, reports say.

The journalist says he is now “safe with police”, who are investigating.

Mr Siddiqui featured in a recent BBC article about press freedom in Pakistan, one of the world’s most dangerous countries for journalists.

He said he was on the main Islamabad expressway to the airport when his would-be kidnappers stopped his taxi.

Speaking to the BBC in front of an Islamabad police station where he had given a statement to the authorities, Taha Siddiqui looked still to be in shock, our reporter Secunder Kermani says.

The buttons on his shirt had been ripped off in the struggle, and he was caked in dirt from hiding and crawling through a ditch during his escape. But he promised he would not be silenced.


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