Tell us about yourself one


What are your parting words for young South Sudanese

Stay focused
Always have a clear goal of what you want to do
Take small steps towards your goal
Remain consistent
Ensure you goal has a time limit
Reward yourself for milestones

PROFILE on myself

Has 20 years of work experience in International Development, specifically in Gender, HIV/AIDS, Education, Early Childhood Development, Child Protection, resource mobilization, social policy and planning. Having gained experience in the following areas, in stable country situations, accelerated programming in an emergency environment and post conflict reconstruction, and has developed a clear perspective on development issues, with an emphasis on the humanitarian, resilience and development continuum as a nexus for sustainable peace and security interventions. Does not shy away from and has a good understanding of the dynamics of some of the most controversial areas, particularly on the African continent. This contributes to her effective negotiation skills, where she always strives for a win – win situation for all parties.
A visionary strategic thinker, she advocates and works closely with governments at the highest levels on policy issues for the fulfillment of children’s and women rights at all levels. She has been able to influence decisions on budgetary allocations and resource mobilization through technical advice at the level of Principal Secretaries and Ministers, playing a key role in Sector Wide Approaches to Programming and Medium Term Expenditure Finance processes.
With her demonstrated abilities as a planner, organizer and sound manager of change, she has developed strong psychosocial skills, dovetailing with a strong grasp of gender and development issues at both policy and programme implementation level. This has contributed effectively to her work in various capacities (as a leader, educator, programme initiator, implementer, facilitator, coordinator and consultant) with women, youth and children in literacy enhancing, life skills development, and awareness creation and sensitization undertakings.
Being both intuitive and politically astute, attributes that have contributed greatly to visionary and transformational action in addressing challenging and controversial issues on HIV/AIDS, protection, policy, peace building, etc.
She has good generative, monitoring and analytical skills acquired as a practitioner and through training, which have strengthened her abilities as a good communicator with the ability to negotiate, network, leverage, mobilize and carry out advocacy work at any level. She can work in a busy, pressurized and multi-cultural environment alone and as a part of a team. And is a motivated self-starter who enjoys challenges and can work to tight deadlines

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