I am Peace Organization

Many people join hands to represent a family unity.

About the Organization

This is an initiative which started as a youth project under Radio Amani in Adjumani District of Northern Uganda in the year 2017, the project is meant to create Peaceful Coexistence among Refugees and Between Refugees and Host Communities through Education and entertainments. Taking into consideration that Adjumani was the first District in Northern Uganda to receive thousands of South Sudanese Refugees after the Dec, 2013 conflict, the group found it of importance to promote Peacefull coexistence amongst Refugees and the Host communities, the youth believe that a society is stronger through it peacefulness and as such the most important of all aspect of human development is promoting peaceful coexistence and that is the main trend that I am Peace Initiative took.

Our overall vision is;

“To create a platform for peaceful coexistence among refugees and between refugees and host communities through education and entertainment”.


We seek to create environment conducive for all refugees, nurture networks, encourage collaboration and present opportunities to help refugees and host communities through entertainment and education.


Our core values include impartiality, creativity, accountability and respect.


  • To create unifying factors among the refugees and between the refugees and the host communities and teach them how they can peacefully reconcile and coexist.
  • To reduce or regulate tribalism, nepotism, sectarianism and political differences.
  • To enhance the ability of students and increase their knowledge to proactively participate in peace building.
  • To empower girls through sensitization with regards to early marriages and teenage pregnancies.
  • To develop talents and impact knowledge to youths in sports, music, Dance and Drama.
  • To represent and build a strong youth network in the communities with the purpose of empowering youth to mitigate conflict.

About the Founder and the initiator of “I am Peace”

Lupai Samuel Kenyi (Project Ambassador and Team Leader) is a philanthropist, radio presenter, event planner and MC who’s been doing lots of philanthropic work in Juba, South Sudan and has worked in both community and commercial radio stations in South Sudan and Uganda. Some of his works include the ‘we are one’ Madi-Kuku peaceful coexistence project, Kick the ball, send a girl to school girl child education campaign and Stakal Shedit agricultural campaign sponsored by World Bank among others. For more info, visit www.sambrolupai.com

The Structure of the Organization


The Organization Office
Adjumani Town along Adjumani – Gulu Highway
Electoral Commission, Adjumani District.

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