11 South Sudanese migrants in detention centers in Libya


11 South Sudanese migrants are being detained in various detention centers in Libya, several migrants said.

Libya is one of the main departure points for African migrants who want to reach Italy by boat.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Friday, Lam Gabriel Magok, a South Sudanese migrant in Tripoli, said the 11 migrants have been detained by Libyan authorities since last year and early this year.

Magok, who was held in the Tajoura detention centre for a year, said the South Sudanese migrants are detained in Tajoura, Ain Zara and Janzour detention centers, which he said are overcrowded with migrants.

“In the Tajoura detention center we have Emmanuel Dawud, Thudan Machieng and Emmanuel Lukudu. Also, in the Janzour detention centre there are five detainees (Singa Luka, Butrus Lado, Wol Ajak, Tim Aban, Joseph Wuor Khor) and at Ain center, there are three detainees (Tut Deng Maker, Otang Simon and Gatkuoth Mut Mabor),” Magok said.

“Countries like Mali, Niger and Nigeria have deported their migrants. We are appealing to the government in Juba to do so before it’s too late,” he added.

Bech Bol Riek, a South Sudanese migrant in the Libyan city of Zawiya, confirmed that several South Sudanese migrants are being detained. Bol further said their situation in Libya is worsening.

“We are stuck here. We cannot go to Europe or even go back to our country. When we left South Sudan, we were looking for a better situation for our families, but it seems that our hopes and aspirations will not be realized,” Bol explained.

He urged South Sudan’s Foreign Affairs ministry to inform the United Nations of their plight or take them back to Juba.

On his part, the South Sudanese Foreign Affairs ministry spokesperson, Mawien Makol Ariik said they have not yet received reports on the situation of South Sudanese migrants in Libya.

He, however, said South Sudan embassy in Egypt was directed to make contacts with Libyan authorities to know the situation of the migrants there.

Makol further said efforts are also underway to convince Libyan authorities to release the detainees who will be deported back to South Sudan.

In July, several migrants said that at least nine South Sudanese migrants were among the victims of the airstrike that hit the Tajoura detention center.

Source: Radio Tamzuj


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