Veteran politician says ‘barred’ from leaving Juba


Veteran politician Joseph Ukel, recently transported by national security officials from Wau to Juba, said he has been prevented from leaving the capital.

Ukel, who is the leader of the United Sudan African Party (USAP), told Radio Tamazuj Friday that he had been banned by National Security Service (NSS) from leaving Juba until further notice.

“When I was arrested in Wau last month, I was immediately transported to Juba. Akol Koor [Director-General of the Internal Security Bureau] in Juba said I was accused in Wau of supporting Riek Machar’s rebels by supplying weapons,” he said.

“Akol Koor said I should remain under house arrest in Juba after I met him. Now I can move freely but I am not allowed to leave Juba,” he added.

Ukel has denied allegations that he was providing support to the SPLA-IO forces in Western Bahr el Ghazal region.

The elderly politician, who is a signatory to the revitalised peace deal, appealed to the office of the president to lift travel restrictions on him. “I want to go back to Wau because I am constructing a private secondary school there. I tried several times to meet the president but I was prevented from seeing him,” he said.

He further said his group is working to ensure the Transitional Government of National Unity is formed by November 12. “I am part of the Other Political Parties which signed the peace agreement, but I am being excluded in the implementation process because of my critical views,” he said.

Ukel, who has held various ministerial positions, urged all parties to the peace agreement to work collectively to ensure durable peace in the nation.

Government officials in Juba could not be immediately reached for comment.

Source: Radio Tamzuj


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