Lam Akol distances himself from Abdelbagi’s appointment as vice-president


The National Democratic Movement (NDM) of Lam Akol distanced itself from the appointment of Abdelbagi Hussein as Vice-President saying by doing so President Salva Kiir violated the revitalized peace agreement.Five of six South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) leaders agreed to refer the choice of the fourth vice-president from their group to President Kiir as they failed to nominate him by unanimity as provided in the peace pact.
In a meeting held with Kiir and the participation of the head of Sudan Sovereign Council Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the five leaders confirmed their decision and Lam Akol reiterated his rejection to give refer the choice of their candidate to the President and demanded more time.
“NDM would want to declare that it was not part of the decision to refer the matter to President Salva Kiir,” said David Lawrence Lual in a statement issued during the first hours of Monday.
“And since decisions of SSOA are taken by unanimity it is not bound by the decision and its outcome. And therefore the action taken by President Salva Kiir is a clear violation of Article 1.5.2 of the R- ARCSS,” stressed Lual.
The official Sudan News Agency Sunday said al-Burhan “actively contributed to reaching a compromise” between the SSOA leaders on Saturday and Sunday.

Source: Sudan Tribune



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