South Sudan ‘s President Salva Kiir names the new cabinet for the Revitalised Unity Government

'Wherever the UN are in South Sudan, they are doing nothing. They are furthering themselves,' said Kiir, pictured (AFP)

South Sudan President Salva Kiir has named ministers for the long awaited revitalized unity government. This was announced during a decree read out on the state owned South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation this evening.
Decree No 33 Appointment of Ministers

1. Ministry of Cabinet Affairs: Martin Elia Lomuro
2.Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Beatrice Kamisa Wani
3.Ministry of Defence: Angelina Teny
4. Ministry of Interior:Paul Mayom Akech
5. Ministry of Peace Building:Stephen Par Kuol.
6. Ministry of Justice:Madol Arol Kachuol.
7. Ministry of National Security: Obote Mumur Mete.
8.Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs: Jema Nunu Kumba.
9.Ministry for Information: Michael Makuei Lueth
10. Ministry for Federal Affairs: Lasuba Wango… readmore

Source: Hot in Juba


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