South Sudan Murle call to remove presidential envoy for Boma Area


May 3, 2020 (JUBA) – Murle intellectuals called on President Salva Kiir to remove his special envoy for Boma area stressing they can manage their internal affairs without him

20 intellectuals and dignitaries from the Murle tribe of Pibor area in Jonglei state signed a petition accusing Presidential Envoy Akot Lual Arech of meddling in their affairs and marginalizing their traditional leaders.
“Murle intellectuals’ elders, women and youth are no longer consulted as far as their state affairs are concerned,” reads the letter.

They further went to claim that Arech was the true ruler of the area and Yau Yau remains a puppet ruler.

“We considered Akot to be the real governor governing Boma, not Yau Yau simply because Akot Lual has been and continue to be a driving force,” they said.

Arech is a Dinka Gogrial, like President Kiir. Also, he was his Private Secretary and Personal Assistant for several years.

He served as a mediator with the Church to convince David Yau Yau to end his rebellion and to sign a peace agreement with Juba.

Based on this position, the petitioners urged South Sudanese President to clarify the situation as he prepares to appoint someone at the head of their area.

“Either you relieve with immediate effect Akot Lual from a forgotten position of a presidential envoy to Murle affairs,” they said.

“Or appoint him this time to be the chief administrator of GPAA (…) instead of again appointing the other dysfunctional administrator who will definitely suffer from Akot’s manipulation,” they further said alluding to Yau Yau.

In an interview with the South Sudan TV (SSBC), Yau Yau denied rumours that he was preparing to stage a new rebellion and accused his detractors of seeking to tarnish his image in a bid to bring Kiir to appoint one of their candidate for the area.

In line with a proposal made by the IGAD, President Kiir abolished the 32 state system including Boma State but established three areas including the Pibor Administrative Area that ensures a special administration for the Murle who clash often with the Lou Nuer over grazing land.

Source: Sudan Tribune


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