NAS rebels claim killing 61 South Sudanese soldiers


May 15, 2020 (JUBA) – The holdout National Salvation Front (NAS) said they killed 61 South Sudanese army and SPLA-IO troops who took part in coordinated attacks on their positions in Central, Western Equatoria and Pibor area.

The holdout NAS last week issued several statements about troop build-up in Central and Western Equatoria states in addition to limited skirmishes in several areas.

Suba Samuel Manase, the NAS Spokesman, said that their fighters repulsed a joint attack by the SSPDF and SPLA-IO on their positions in Loka West and Conkart of Yei River area on Thursday 14 May.

“In this operation, the enemy lost heavily both human lives and material with approximately sixty-one (61) enemy soldiers killed in action; three (3) vehicles and one (1) Anti-Personnel Carrier (APC) destroyed; forty-three (43) AK 47 Rifles, two (2) 12.7 machines guns, nine (9) RPG-7 and different assorted ammunition captured,” Manase said in a statement extended to Sudan Tribune.

He accused the SPLA-IO of killing four civilians.

“NAS counted five (5) martyrs and nine (9) others were wounded”.

The rebel spokesman mentioned another attack by the SSPDF on their positions in Mukaya Payam of Western Equatoria earlier this month on 4 May saying they defeated and repulsed the assailants.

The ceasefire monitoring mechanism did not comment about the strained situation in the Equatoria states despite the multiple alerts released by NAS which is now under the ceasefire monitoring mechanism after the signing of a recommitment to the 21 December agreement on the cessation of hostilities.

Manase also, spoke for the first time, about clashes in the Pibor area between them and the government forces.

“On 13th May 2020, in Greater Pibor Area, the SSPDF attacked a small contingent of NAS in Berna County, NAS force fought back and repulsed the attackers,” he said.

Source: Sudan Tribune


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