Signing of Sudan peace agreement would be postponed:negotiator


June 17, 2020 (JUBA) – Sudanese parties would postpone again the signing of a peace agreement due to their failure conclude talks on the security arrangements, said one of the negotiators of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front on Wednesday.

The mediation announced last month that a peace agreement would be signed on 20 June point ending a process that started in September 2019.

However, Nimr Abdel-Rahman the Sudan Liberation Movement- Transitional Council (SLM-TC)’s Chief Negotiator told Sudan Tribune on Wednesday that the signing of the agreement would be postponed to another date.

“It will be postponed for a short time,” he said when he was asked whether he can confirm the signing of an agreement next Saturday.

He pointed out that there are issues that are still pending particularly in the security arrangements chapter for Darfur and the Two Areas alike.

The pending issues are “the status of forces and its gradual merger, the period for the integration and the formation of joint forces to ensure security and maintaining peace, especially in Darfur and the Two Areas,” said the negotiator.

“There is also some disagreement on how to reform the military institution and security services,” he added.

He said there is a need for discussions at a higher level than the negotiating teams to settle make important decisions to accelerate the process.

“The mediation officially informed us of the arrival of a delegation from Khartoum to Juba within the next two days,” he further said.

The talks are held through teleconference due to the social distancing rule to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The Sudanese government delegation in Khartoum while the armed groups and the mediation are in Juba.

Initially, a peace agreement had to be concluded within six months after the signing of the Transitional Document in August 2019. Then, it was postponed to March, April and June.

Abdel Rahman further said that there are other pending issues related to the power-sharing and the participation of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front in the federal and regional institutions.

Nonetheless, he affirmed that the parties agreed to amend any provision in the constitutional document if it contradicts the would be signed peace agreement.

The rift between the SRF groups is expected to complicate the discussions on the seats allocated to the rebel alliance in the transitional authority.

Source: Sudan Tribune


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