Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Informing and Influencing

a Fair, Equal and Empowered Citizenry in

South Sudan is an independent, non-partisan and not-for-profit media platform. It is committed to empowering leaders and communities in South Sudan through providing much needed strong, balanced, analytical, insightful, independent and fresh information and a national voice nourishing a national bond. In addition, strives to provide a more fertile environment for a culture of professional journalism that enables more success, recognition and reward. It strives to determine, locate, and create value for knowledge sharing in the country. will do this through supporting journalistic talent and enterprise to thrive by serving as part investor, advisor, advocate, bridge builder, partner and critical friend to media outlets in South Sudan. invests time and resources in search of knowledge and is committed to sharing that knowledge in its different shades. We are passionate about creating a community of practice in the media sector, that is based on talent; that recognizes and rewards creative ideas, and nurtures diversity. We leverage our international network to build bridges between local talents and international mentors.

What We Do

1. We serve as a bridge between resourced people with accurate and reliable information and those in need of such information.

2. In addition, we use accessed knowledge to inform, influence and inspire our people into being active change makers.

3. We provide support and access to networks, so that young and talented media practitioners and businesses can thrive and commercialize.

4. We combine local knowledge with national and international reach to create a voice for positive change and transformation, highlighting success and creating the right conditions for the growth of an excellent media in South Sudan.

Why We Do It

We believe that freedom of speech, skilled journalists and strong business management skills in the media sector are the bedrock of a free and democratic society. Currently, this is missing in South Sudan. The media profession is at its infancy, largely unregulated and polarised. Most media houses are under-capitalized and under-skilled. 
They need better access
to mentoring, infrastructure, business planning, finances, markets, new ideas and new networks. However, despite this challenging environment, some journalists and media houses are trying hard to be professional, ethical and competitive exists to complement these efforts and ensure a drive for more success, recognition and reward in the media industry in South Sudan.