Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Informing and Influencing

a Fair, Equal and Empowered Citizenry in

South Sudan

Contribution policy

We are committed to vibrant and value-adding online communities that stimulate public criticism, debate, and discussion while maintaining a credible community profile. To ensure such a quality environment, we will police and effectively moderate online communities on this website.  In the spirit of ensuring respectful, engaging and stimulating conversation, we demand of all community members to:

  1. Use their real identity when commenting: Please use your real first and last names when commenting. Anonymous comments will only be posted if there are compelling reason and as a last resort. Even then, the real identity of the person making comments must be disclosed to the moderator.
  2. Make civil comments: be human, sensitive, and reasonable and stick to the issue(s) in your comment. The moderator reserves the right not to publish your comment and or deregister your account if your comment amounts to direct or indirect attack on anyone’s personality, name-calling or insults, nor will the moderator tolerate intentional attempts to derail, hijack, troll or bait others into an emotional response.
  3. Do not copy and paste materials that are not your own work into the forum chat box. Do not pretend to be what and who you are not. You will be respected for being yourself and provide your own voice and opinion.
  4. Other participants will rate comments through an inbuilt voting mechanism. Some commenting with higher voting numbers will be republished either on the home page or the commentator will be invited to elaborate on the ideas postulated in the comment in a feature article on the monthly magazine.