Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Informing and Influencing

a Fair, Equal and Empowered Citizenry in

South Sudan

Time to wake up from group hubris and build South Sudan for all

Of late, some South Sudanese politicians and anonymous military personnel seem to have woken up from their deep slumber in their realisation, definition, and characterisation of the country's complex political and governance ailment. It...

Gordon Buay Makes the Government Miss the Opportunity to Polish its Rusty Image

In an ideal world, any government or organization with an image or reputation problem would seriously employ the right calibre of spinners and articulate debating pundits. It is common knowledge that the reigning Government...

South Sudan Vice President ‘guards killed in ambush

Six bodyguards of South Sudan’s vice president were killed and two more injured in a road ambush on Wednesday, local media reported on Thursday. Their convoy was attacked near Lobonok, James Wani Igga's native village,...

Sudan Recovers $4 billion of assets from Ex President Bashir

Sudan has confiscated assets valued at $4 billion from former President Omar al-Bashir, his family members and associates, the country’s anti-corruption body said. “Our initial estimates of the value of the assets, shares in different...

Riek Machar, Angelina Teny test Positive for Coronavirus

South Sudan's Vice President Riek Machar and his wife Angelina Teny, who serves as defence minister, have tested positive for the coronavirus, his office said on Monday. It said that "a number of his office...